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יום רביעי 22.3 | 19:30

יום שבת 25.3 | 21:00



יוצרת: SNOW

פרפורמר: Vlad Kostyuk

עיצוב סאונד: Nastya Livadnova






סניז'נה אז'קובה SNOW AKA נולדה ברוסיה בשנת 1989. כיום היא רקדנית מקצועית, כוריאוגרפית, מורה לריקוד ופרפורמרית. היא החלה ב2005 בStreet Dance, עם התמקדות בטכניקת האוס דאנס, היא השתתפה באופן פעיל בסצנת הבאטלים וזכתה בפרסים בפסטיבלי מחול בינלאומיים. למדה יסודות של מחול עכשווי, uk ג'אז, ריקוד סטפס וטכניקת גאגא כדי לפתח ולמצוא את הסגנון שלה. בשנת 2012 החלה סנואו לחקור תיאטרון ואמנות פרפורמנס, והביאה את ריקוד הרחוב אל הבמה. מאז המעבר לישראל סנואו מפתחת כאן את סצנת ריקוד ההאוס וממשיכה לפתח שיתופי פעולה עם רקדני סטריט.

* 'RESPONSIBILITY' יצירתה של SNOW עולה בערב משותף עם '50 גוונים של אדום' יצירתו של נדי יואל.


ראיון בוואטסאפ עם SNOW

Kelim: So Snow, hey! Nice to meet you!

Snow is your real name or a nickname?

Snow: Hi! My real name is Snezhana It’s Snezh+Ana. Sneg is Snow in Russian.

When I was in the states and introduced myself by my real name, people struggled with pronunciation, so I suggested they just call me Snow, as my closest friends called me.

This is how i became Snow everywhere and even my mom started to call me Snow

I was born in winter, it was Snow outside, so basically my mom created this name

Kelim: Wow, Thanks for all the details :) So you were actually born in Russia, and now you live here in Israel? Tell me a bit about it. Because there is no real snow in Israel (:

Snow: Yes, i was born in Russia, than at 20yo started to travel a lot around the world, and 6 years ago moved to Israel because of love, i married, we got 2 kids, and then sad story without details this time

Kelim: Anyway, thanks for the details! We don't need to go into all the details at all :)

So are you a dancer? choreographer? How did you hear about Kelim?

Snow: Yes, I am a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher.

When i moved to Israel, first i checked what is going on here connected to dance, and found Kelim, checked some performances, festivals and year ago was judging event there

Kelim: ahh! the hip hop event.

Snow: Exactly

Kelim: Nice. So tell me about the upcoming show that is going to be at the festival.. who is performing in it? What is it actually about?

Snow: Now it’s still in progress..

I work with talented krump dancer Vlad and with paper and as well with a young amazing artist from Russia Nastya, she is recording voice for me.

It’s about responsibility, through performance i seed the idea of checking the meaning and weight of it and seeing responsibility in it

The name of work RESPONSIBILITY

Kelim: It seems to me that even as a mother the issue of responsibility is a very big issue to talk about, as a father I also feel it all the time. But how does it become a show? What does warranty mean? This is a big issue.

And I'm interested - what does paper mean? how do you play or act with it?

and RESPONSE - תגובה

ABILITY - יכולת


I never thought of that, nice!

Snow: How does it become a show - a lot a lot a lot in my head, thinking, imagination, analyzing, discussing with myself, than life giving even more proves from some articles, from situations etc. and than at the studio with dancer it became clear

The beauty of Art

Kelim: Nice! yes. as you said.. In the studio everything becomes clear.

So it is a solo show? with paper, dancer and voice over?

Snow: Paper mean paper The sound of paper is crazy, i wanted to bring it on stage for sure

But i think if i will tell you how do i play and act with paper i will write you almost all the performance

Kelim: Hahaha I understand, let us imagine :)

Snow: But if to say for real, it’s a lot of meanings: thinking of the notes i put into my notebook paper


Actually the inspiration was my previous performance i made, as well with paper

Kelim: Yes, paper means a lot. Also about our responsibility for the planet, and about the climate crisis. I never thought about his sound.

Snow: Ohhh, just check the sound.

Kelim: Snow, it was so nice talking to you! Thank you very much for all the information, it seems to me that now everything is much more understandable. And a lot of good luck!!

Snow: Thank you and see you at the Festival!

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